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Protect Your Snowmobile With a Custom Canvas Cover

Here in Minnesota, winter is just around the corner. That very likely means that you will soon (if you haven’t already) have to pull your boat out of the water for the summer and store it until it warms up enough next year to get it back out. These cold, winter months can be used to make those repairs to your upholstery or have a new custom canvas cover for your boat, pontoon or any other watercraft while it is not in use so that, come spring, it is ready for the water!

After you have your boat safely tucked away for the winter, then it’s time to start getting ready for snowmobile season. We can’t always keep our sleds in the safety of our garages. But luckily, there’s still a way to keep it protected. A custom cover is a great solution for outdoor parking, long term storage, and are even useful as added protection when parking indoors. But do covers work? Yes, but only if they’re made from quality material and designed specifically for your particular snowmobile.

Whatever the reason, not all of us trailer our sleds in the luxury of a fully enclosed trailer. That’s the ideal for protecting our sleds from road salt and grime, but it’s not always affordable. And, then, there are some of us who actually prefer open trailers because we use them for other things in the non-snow months. Regardless of our reasons for not having a fully enclosed trailer, we are left with one simple question. How can we best protect our sled?
If you trailer your snowmobile on an open trailer, you know how grime can get into the suspension arms and build up on the hood and windshield. It can get pretty darn ugly on particularly slushy roads.

There are options for us, but it helps to shop carefully. Yes, you can hit Sam’s Club or your local super discount store and get a relatively inexpensive snowmobile cover. Some of them even let you trailer with them. The good thing about the generic sled covers is that they are not terribly expensive and they come in a variety of sizes.

Snowmobile covers protect and preserve the value of your investment. Covers can be used for trailering to prevent road salt and wind damage when not using an enclosed trailer. You’ll also want to cover your sled in the off-season to protect it from dust, dirt and moisture. Of course a basic canvas covers are lower in price. But if you’re looking for a longer-lasting, water-resistant or stretchable fabric, you’ll pay more, but get better protection in return. With a high quality custom canvas snowmobile cover from DNP Custom Canvas, you can better protect your sled and preserve the value of your ride. You simply won’t find a better fitting cover made.

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