Custom RV Skirts and Covers MN

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Custom Canvas RV Skirts and Covers

Sooner or later, most RVers have to consider putting their rig away for storage. And when you do decide to store your RV, whether at home in the driveway or in a storage facility, it’s a wise decision to invest in an RV cover. An RV sitting in the driveway or the side yard is subject to the best (and worst) that Mother Nature has to offer, and not giving it any protection can be a recipe for expensive wear and tear, not to mention the affect on the exterior aesthetics.

UV degradation is probably one of the biggest problems facing RV owners today. The UV light will essentially destroy everything in its path. And that UV exposure goes beyond simply fading the RV’s color; it can lead to much more expensive repairs. Not only does covering your RV preserve its appearance, but you must remember that the paint itself is a protective barrier used to keep metal and plastic components from breaking down. If an RV’s paint is not protected, the components underneath will eventually be exposed and begin to show signs of damage.

Paint is not the only subject of damaging exposure. Gel-coated fiberglass can oxidize over time, losing its luster and looking dull and chalky. This damage can greatly affect an RV’s resale value. And since an RV is an investment, it should be protected as such. It’s no secret that, when buying a used RV, the first thing that grabs a buyer’s eye is the overall condition of the exterior surface. Faded decals, chalky front/end caps and sun-damaged roofs can seriously impact the selling price.

Wait, there’s more…. the sun isn’t the only element that’s hard on your RV. Tree sap can also be very damaging to the paint, causing staining and erosion to the finish. RV covers are also designed to protect vehicles from bird droppings and acid-rain situations, and obviously help keep the exterior clean.

Custom Canvas RV Skirting

Each skirt is custom fit and designed for your specific RV. Adjustable sewer zippers, longer length on the bottom and our patented nail down strap system are just a few of the things that make our skirts the best. To learn more about our custom RV skirts, feel free to check us out online or call Custom DNP Canvas at 763-552-3011

A Full RV Skirt will not only lower your propane bill, help prevent frozen pipes, and give you warmer floors in the winter; it will also keep your RV cooler in the spring and summer, much like a basement of a house.

The Benefits to custom RV Skirts:

• help prevent frozen water pipes
• give you warmer floors in the winter cooler in the summer
• cover the tires protecting them from the sun
• give you lower propane bills
• give you extra storage under your 5th wheel
• keep the critters out

Protect your RV for years with a high quality, great custom skirt made by DNP Custom Canvas.

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