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Custom Canvas Minnesota

Another summer is winding down. Fall and winter just around the corner. But for Minnesotans that doesn’t mean the fun stops! Heck no! There are fish to be caught and hunting to do. It’s time to think about sprucing up your hunting shack, deer stand or maybe have a custom canvas skirt made for your new Ice Castle Fishing House. Don’t forget how important a Skirt can be during the winter months. The skirt creates a pocket of dead air, and dead air is an excellent insulator. Skirt users report warmer floors, warmer ambient temperature, less use of propane and other benefits that make an RV skirt worthwhile. We can even design a custom awning to keep rain and snow off your RV or fish house. We also create a number of custom canvas projects to fit any other need you may have.

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Skirt for an Ice Castle Fish House


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