Custom Canvas Hunting Tent

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Custom Hunting Tent

Hunting season is here….YAY! With lakes, mountains and forests, Minnesota is a great spot for long camping trips. Before you head out on your next fishing, hiking or outdoor trip, take a look at your current tent. Unless it’s made of durable canvas like the material used by DNP Custom Canvas, you may be in for a rude awakening by wind, rain or bugs. Our custom-made tents are sturdy and easy to setup, all you have to do is tell us how big you want it.

Which Hunting Tent Should I Choose?

For those of you that are newbies, it can be very overwhelming, choosing the best tent…whether your Elk Hunting in the extremely cold Montana or Minnesota, or Wild Pig Hunting in Texas, protecting your self and equipment.

A hunting tent after all is merely a tent that is used to hunt out of. However, in choosing a hunting tent, hunters search for qualities that will meet and exceed the conditions they can expect to face. A western elk hunt for example, can expose hunters to extremely high temperatures in September, or rainy, wet, and snowy conditions within the same week. Later in the year, heavy snow and bitter cold temperatures are all but a certainty. The ideal hunting tent then, is one that can handle any and all conditions that will be encountered.

While high weather resistance, total bug protection, and lots of stand-up room are at the top of the list, there’s a lot more to the perfect hunting tent. A hunting camp is more than just a place to sleep. It’s also a social place; the camaraderie around camp every bit as important as the actual hunting. Particularly in times of inclement weather, a hunting tent is a place to hang out in, socialize in, a place to eat and drink in. Time spent learning about which hunting tent is best for you is time well spent indeed.

There are a lot of different canvas projects a hunter would need especially in the colder months. Call us today to find out how DNP Custom Canvas can help you with your custom needs.

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